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          Hello! Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Jiameite Glass Co., Ltd.

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          24-hour service hotline


          Ultra clear glass:

          The English name of silk screen glass is: Silk screen printing glass, which is a glass product obtained by printing ink on the glass surface and curing the specified color and pattern on the glass surface according to the customer's requirements.

          Our company can produce and process: low temperature screen printing / high temperature screen printing glass, single color screen printing / multi-color screen printing glass. Our silk screen glass products have the following advantages:

          The first is the high level of product raw materials. All raw materials are produced with high-grade environmentally friendly products, with high grade and high quality. The second is the complete screen printing process. Our company can process a full range of low-temperature screen printing/high-temperature screen printing/monochrome screen printing/multi-color screen printing.

          The third is that the screen printing effect is good. The employees of the screen printing department have multiple screen printing production experience, and the quality of the screen printing is guaranteed.

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