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          Hello! Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Jiameite Glass Co., Ltd.

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          Tempered ultra clear glass
          Category:Ultra clear glass
          We supply various thickness tempered ultra clear glass . ultra clear glass also be called low iron glass, ultra white glass, it have 91% lighting transparency, wildly be used as displayer glass, lighting glass etc.
          Thickness:2/3/4/5mm etc;
          Size:5-100 inches;
          Silk screen printing:Black, white etc, 5 colors at most;
          Transparency:91%,95%(1 side AR coating),98%(2 sides AR coating);
          Process technology:Cutting, CNCpolishing edge, drilling hole, tempering, silk screen printing, AG processing, AR/AF coating etc;
          Application: Displayer glass, lighting glass etc;
          Packaging: 2 sides Pe protective filming+ kraft paper+ exported wooden case.
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